February Horoscope


Astrology is the study of the belief that position of a planet in the space influences the human affairs and earthly phenomena. While horoscope is a chart or diagram that uses the concept of astrology. It has four basic elements; fire, air, water and earth. Based on these elements there are 12 zodiac signs which are assigned to a child at the time of his birth in today’s world.

Horoscope is derived from Greek words hora and scopos which means ‘hour watcher’. History of horoscope dates back to thousands of years ago when Plato made extensive research on astrology and stated that it does affect the human affairs and so horoscopes were formulated to predict the future events in one’s life. The concept is still alive in the modern society and people take guidance from the astrologers about the future events which would occur in their lives.

In today’s modern world we have different magazines and newspapers which include a separate section of horoscopes predicting the future of the zodiacs. Some of them include the predictions based on daily basis while others are monthly or yearly based. February is considered the month of love and romance that is why people are more interested in their February horoscope.

February Horoscope for 2016:

Every New Year brings new opportunities, new chances and new adventures. According to astrologers, every year has its own patterns and brings different events in our lives. Astrology 2016 has some surprises for the people which may include good ones and bad ones but according to astrology 2016, it will be a good year for all the zodiacs.

Horoscope for 2015 predicted that the ‘fire’ signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) would face distractions which would divert them from their primary goals. They were advised to work hard and focus on their energy. ‘Earth’ signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) were predicted to have a hectic year. ‘Air’ (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) and ‘Water’ signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) on the other hand were predicted to have a perfect year with clear path and to make intense progress in modest manner respectively.

While 2015 predicted ups and downs for the horoscopes, horoscope for 2016 brings good news and amazing events for all the zodiacs. Astrology 2016 predicts that horoscope for 2016 will be a successful one and the zodiacs will be able to achieve their goals and will gain something.

Horoscope for 2016 for Water signs is a mysterious one where secrets will be revealed to them and they will achieve their lifelong dreams. Fire signs will be surprised to see the new opportunities which will come in their path. On the other hand horoscope for 2016 for Air signs brings romance and long-lasting love life. Earth signs will comparatively be less successful but their achievements will be ‘okay’ in nature.

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Pisces & Aquarius:

Horoscope for 2016 for Aquarius is predicted to be a beneficial one with the best outcome which will be hurdled by minor obstacles but ignorant behavior will lead to increased problems. Financial health will prosper along with generous friends’ company. In short all the effort and struggle will result in positive results.

The month of February is a time frame where domestic and spiritual life will be prominent as compared to career and finances. However it does not mean that Aquarius February will not achieve the professional goals; financial status will be strong and thriving with the support of the loved ones. Love life will be a great one for Aquarius February for both single Aquarians and the couples. On the other hand family matters will need more of your attention to maintain the peace.

Aquarius Sign February Horoscope

Pisces horoscope for 2016 brings success with hard work but with delay as well. Some complications are predicted for Pisces which will demand effort and struggle to get favorable results in return.

Pisces February will bring a paradigm shift from career to family and emotional issues. Personal assessment will be required for this shift for personal ambitions and outer world will be more connected. Career opportunities will increase for Pisces February with normal flow of finances. February will be a month of opportunities for single Pisceans while it will be bit harsher for the couples.

Pisces Sign February Horoscope

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