January Astrology

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It was believed in ancient times that celestial bodies influence human affairs and natural occurrences based on their positions relative to the Sun. These positions were studied by the people for weather predictions especially for agricultural purposes and interpretation of human nature. This practice gave birth to astrology and the people who study it are astrologers.

History of Astrology

It was believed that the celestial objects and planets had powers which influenced the human nature at the time of birth based on their position in the sky. Evidence shows that astrological practices were common and lunar cycles were noted since human started to analyze and measure the position of stars, the moon and the Sun.

The first organized astrology, known as Babylonian Astrology, recorded in the history dates back to 2nd millennium B.C when it was used for predicting the seasonal shifts and interpreting the celestial cycles for divine communications such as war, natural disasters and other human affairs. After its success, it was then used as a counsel for emperors and kings.

Hellenistic Astrology was practiced in Hellenistic period in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Egypt. Its origin dates back to 1st century B.C and was practiced until 7th century C.E. The Hellenistic Astrology mixed Babylonian Astrology with Decani Astrology to create horoscopic astrology. When Alexander the Great conquered Asia, astrology was brought to Greece and Rome from where it was spread to Islamic scholars. The Hellenistic astrology was then translated into Arabic and Persian by the Muslims. These Arabic texts were then imported to Europe in 12th century and were translated into Latin.

Western Astrology

It is based on Hellenistic & Babylonian Astrology and is mostly horoscopic astrology based on horoscope building for an exact moment in person’s life, say his birth, in which several celestial bodies have influence based on their position relative to the Sun. Western Astrology is considered a pseudoscientific concept because it failed to generate predictions under scientific observation and tests.

In Western Astrology 12 zodiacs are used to determine the human nature and the effects based on the position of planets and stars.

January horoscope:

Astrological sign for January is Capricorn. It is the tenth in the zodiac signs sequence and is ruled by the element Earth. The New Year brings opportunities for its January horoscope. Capricorn is predicted to form strategies to achieve life goals. New skills will be learned and unnecessary things will be disowned. Planet Jupiter will play a great role arranging resources and hurdles will be surpassed smoothly once your target is clear to you.
Love: January horoscope 2016 will have plenty of opportunities regarding relationships throughout the year. It will be a happy and romantic year for Capricorn.

Career: January astrology for Capricorn predicts promotions to senior positions if emotional and harmonious relationships are sustained with the colleagues.

Health: As the year 2016 will bring hard work on your way, you will need much energy to maintain the momentum.

Finance: emotional stability and family support will result in savings and effective monetary strategies for January horoscope.

Family: 2016 will bring happiness and enjoyable family environment.

January Astrology for All ZodiacsJanuary Astrology Chart

Aries: January astrology is the best time for future planning and goal setting to be achieved in coming months.

Taurus: January horoscope 2016 brings career advancements for Taurus. Family support will help in greater achievements during the month.

Gemini: Adaptability will be needed in order to achieve the goals. Social dependability will be effective as compared to your free will.

Cancer: January astrology predicts independence and free-will will not help you in meeting the targets, you need to be more socially dependent during the month.

Leo: January horoscope 2016 needs more concentration on your inner peace and domestic environment. Social assistance will be beneficial in this regard. Moreover January astrology brings enjoyable relationships to your way.

Virgo: family affairs will need more of your attention in January astrology.

Libra: attention on family and domestic life will be needed and enhanced looks are predicted in January astrology. Social flexibility will result in goal achievement.

Scorpio: strengthening your emotions and psychology will result in professional achievement and improved family matters.

Sagittarius: professional engagements will bring monetary and emotional stress on your domestic life but you will overcome it through your independence and sound decision making.

Aquarius: January horoscope 2016 shows dominance of personal and emotional matters over professional ones.

Pisces: January astrology brings family support and personal skills which will result in professional achievements.

Know what January horoscope 2016 brings your way

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