Psychic Guidance

History of Psychic Guidance:

A psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception for identifying the hidden information which the normal senses are unable to detect. Psychics are believed to be sensitive to supernatural forces and are proficient to unusual mental processes.

Psychic history dates back to the advent of astrology when people believed that celestial bodies had influenced the human affairs and other earthly jobs. It was believed that some people could connect their selves with those bodies and predicted the future; which gave them the name ‘fortune-teller’. These fortune tellers had been given a separate place with the Kings & emperors where their predictions were used to make important decisions. They were also known as ‘seers’ and later as ‘clairvoyants’ and ‘psychics’.

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8 Psychic Facts:

  1. Most people think that psychics are old and ugly. But in reality most of them are same as we are.
  2. If you do not want a psychic to penetrate your mind, he cannot enter forcefully.8 Finger - 8 Psychic Facts
  3. Movies portray the image that psychics warn you while giving their readings that something bad is going to happen. But in reality psychic readers do not give such information without any important reason. They always shows you the brighter side of the life.
  4. Psychic readings are very much in demand and charging a fee in return is totally acceptable. It motivates a psychic to continue helping others.
  5. Psychics rely on the connection between them and the client. If the client would try to mislead them, there are chances that he will get things wrong.
  6. No reading is cent percent accurate. Uncertainties and free will of the seeker are always involved in changing the course of actions.
  7. Tarot, tea leaves, astrology, palmistry are not used by psychics. Psychics use the senses of feeling, seeing, smelling/tasting, hearing and knowing for their readings.
  8. Psychics believe that every person have psychic abilities. These abilities can only be used if we put our focus and mind in it.

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Celebrities using Psychic Guidance:

Famous people take psychic readings seriously and also use them to communicate with their deceased loved ones. Many Hollywood celebrities are seen to take psychic guidance. Some of them are:

  1. Brad Pitt, the famous Hollywood actor, is seen to take guidance from Ron Bard who is a famous psychic among the Hollywood celebrities.
  2. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt’s wife, also consults a psychic. She communicates with her deceased mother through psychic guidance who died in 2007. According to her, she guides her in her life.
  3. Cameron Diaz is reported to take psychic guidance for her love life and marriage predictions from Mrs. Grace at Psychic Tea Leaf Readings.
  4. Chelsea Handler, another celebrity, is reported to communicate with her late mother and brother using psychic services of world famous psychic medium James Van Praagh.


It is reported that majority of the US presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson also used psychic guidance.


Psychic Benefits:

Following are some of the psychic benefits which you get from psychic readings:

  1. When one gets his psychic readings, he gets a clear answer to his ambiguities and is able to see a clear path.
  2. One is able to take precautionary measurements in advance if he is supposed to encounter an unacceptable event.
  3. The feeling of being seen by a person who is willing to tell you the truth is one of the positive aspects of psychic guidance.
  4. Psychic guidance helps to unlock the hidden part of the mind and the soul. This unlocking results in thinking in a new way.

How to communicate with Psychic Reader:

Psychics are available online, on phone calls, one-to-one meetings and on psychic chat as well. Psychic chat and phone calls are the most common means of communication used by people to seek psychic guidance.

In psychic chat, people ask different questions to their psychic. These chats are of personal nature and the psychic gives his readings based on the chat and information provided by the client. Many websites provide separate online chat rooms for such conversations.

Many people are diverted towards psychics and are taking benefits from their readings.