Psychic Healing


Anxiety is used to describe the feelings of worry, fear, unease and nervousness. Most people feel anxious when they are under pressure and are faced with situations where they think they would not perform well such as in the exam hall, job interview, first day at the job and moving away etc.

But those who actually experience anxiety, feels it’s more than feeling worried and frightened while under pressure. According to them, stress and anxious feelings passes once the stressful situation is passed. While anxiety does not fade away and is ongoing and affects the routine life of the victim. Someone who experiences anxiety, it is difficult for him to control the feelings and his condition.

For them, anxiety not only affects the mind but also the physical health. Following are some of the effects of anxiety:

Effects on mind:

  1. Tiredness
  2. Lack of concentration
  3. Disturbed sleep
  4. Depression
  5. Wariness

Effects on body:

  1. Palpitations
  2. Breathing disorder
  3. Muscle tension
  4. Indigestion, Stomach cramps & nausea
  5. Faintness

Anxiety is caused by apprehensive behavior of a person i.e. something harmful might happen. People behave apprehensively because of stress and overthinking and when body suffers too much stress, it experiences psychological and physical disorders. 94% of the illness is caused by the stress. So increased stress is not something to be ignored. According to a report, 1 in every 6 children (youth) in the U.K is affected by anxiety. In U.S around 18% of the total population are suffering from various anxiety disorders.

Woman suffering from anxiety
Woman suffering from anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety:

There are many different ways to treat the anxiety. They are divided into 2 broad categories i.e. medical treatment and psychic therapy.

Medical Treatment:

Different types of drugs are prescribed by the physicians to treat the anxiety disorders (typically known as tranquilizers). If anxiety causes physical disorders, particular medicines are prescribed and sometimes even surgeries are recommended to eliminate the ailment. The most common anti-anxiety drugs used are benzodiazepines. These drugs work by reducing the brain activity and relieve the anxiety by reducing the activities taking place in the central nervous system. They act fast, normally within thirty minutes, which is why they are considered very effective and are taken during panic and anxiety attacks. But they do have some side effects.

  1. Lack of energy; drowsiness.
  2. Slow reflexes.
  3. Disorientation.
  4. Nausea
  5. Blurred vision.
  6. Lightheadeness.
  7. Depression.
  8. Memory loss.
  9. Impaired thinking.
  10. Confusion & Unclear speech.

Excessive and long term use of tranquilizers causes depression, numbness, increased anxiety and agitation. However severe effects may include aggressive behavior, hallucinations and hostility.

Psychic Healing:

Psychic healing is performed by the professional psychics. They use different techniques to help the client to cope up with his anxiety. Mostly spiritual therapy involves psychological treatments for anxiety which are also known as talking therapies. In psychological treatment, psychic helps in changing the thinking patterns to keep the anxiety under control. There are different types of psychological treatments. Some of them are CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), exposure therapy, and relaxation training.

Psychic therapy is beneficial as compared to medical treatments for anxiety. Despite the slow process, the effects are long lasting and there are no side effects. Psychic therapy uses the cognitive skills of brain cells to overcome the anxiety. It helps the patient to know more about his anxiety and to develop techniques to control it under pressure. The brain starts working more efficiently and is active in positive activities.

Spiritual Therapy

Psychic Healing:

There is a difference between a psychic reader and a psychic healer. A spiritual counselor helps a person to identify his abilities, his spiritual side and to reduce the negativity in his life.

As mentioned above there are many ways to treat the anxiety through psychic therapy and the spiritual counselors use different techniques for different persons. The new era is of technology and internet haspsychic healing dominated our lives. People are busy in their lives and work and most of the time ignore their health. In such busy and competitive lives it is difficult for them to look for a spiritual therapy to overcome their anxieties. But internet has solved this problem. Keeping in view this problem, spiritual counselors have now developed online forums and e-therapies so that they can heal people while they are at their homes. Following are some of the advantages of e-therapies:

  1. Accessible
  2. Can be accessed through homes.
  3. Beneficial for rural and remote areas where doctors are not available.

E-therapies help people to change their thinking and living behaviors which might result in overcoming the particular anxiety. Although e-therapies involves sole work of the patient, most of the time they are supported by some spiritual counselor who, based on the results, then guide him and help him to reduce his anxiety.

There are different tests available online that helps to identify the severity level of a person’s anxiety and then recommend treatments based on the results. Some of these online tests recommend to the spiritual counselors for online psychic therapy.

Moreover there are online clinics available for anxiety patients where spiritual counselors heal their ailment and help them in recovering from their different disorders.

A person may feel that his anxiety disorder is increasing instead of being controlled. This is because spiritual therapy is a slow process and a person needs to be patient for better and long lasting results.