Psychic chat rooms are a great place for people to exchange psychic experiences and connect with each other. The atmosphere is usually warm and casual, usually because the members in a chat room become regular and develop friendships.

Are all members in the chat room psychic?

A variety of people come to psychic chat room, searching for different things, psychic reading is one of the reasons. Others include

  • Practicing psychics
  • Learning & developing psychics
  • Sceptics
  • Paranormal investigators
  • People with paranormal experiences
  • People in need of paranormal help
  • Grief stricken members in need of solace

Can you get a reading?

chat-roomsFree readings are usually considered as bonus in spiritual chat rooms, as the influx of people is too much to have an instant reading centre. Chat rooms usually have conditions before you can request a free reading like participating in forums for a certain time or number of posts, usually ‘quality posts’.Click here to get 3 free mins reading in many psychic rooms

Can you practice psychic abilities in chat?

Like the one’s who need to fulfil certain requirements to ask for a reading, to practice you need to usually fulfil some marks too, that may include being a member for a certain period of time with active participation and regular ‘quality posts’ on their forums etc.

Ethical grounds

When you enter any psychic chat room with reading going on, please try not to interrupt as it is not only unethical but can deter psychic’s concentration and focus, you may be kicked out of the chat room by moderators.

If you have fulfilled the requirements to ask for a reading, you can patiently wait for a psychic to pick you or email the developers if they have that option open to request a specific one. It is usually strictly forbidden to badger psychics with private messages to request readings; it may result in permanent ban from that psychic chat room.

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