Spiritual Soulmate

What is a Soulmate?

Soulmate is a person with whom we have feelings of deep connection and natural empathy. Today, this word is associated with ‘romantic partner’ and love life. However, soulmate is a wider term and it can’t be referred to romance only.

When we find our soulmate, we feel complete and self-confidence is emerged within ourselves. It is the strongest bond between two people. Since both the parties involved have same feelings, they feel comfortable and are completely open to each other which make their bond stronger compared to any other relationship. Usually the soulmates have similar thinking, viewpoints and even tastes (likes & dislikes) which makes them a perfect match for each other. Even if they are not alike, they fit so perfectly in such a way that they complete the flaws and loopholes of one another.

It is a belief in Celtic Spiritual tradition that the soul reflects the physical body, also known as aura. Every individual has his own aura. When someone penetrates that aura and becomes connected to the soul of that person, he is the spiritual soulmate. Soulmates try to live together, grow together and learn new things, while spiritual soulmates live with each other and try to find the spirituality among themselves. It is this strong connection between the two that the two souls begin to flow together.

It is not necessary that this bond is created between opposite genders only. Soulmates can be find among friends, family, colleagues, same gender. It is also not true that every person has single soulmate.

Soulmate Signs:

Richard Bach, an American writer, explained ‘soulmate’ as:richard bach quote

A person who holds the keys to our locks and locks that fit our keys. When we feel safe to unlock ourselves, we step out in our truest selves and are completely honest about who we really are.

People get confused in determining their soulmates and ask their psychics about finding your soulmate. To help finding the spiritual soulmates psychics have presented different soulmate signs. There are many soulmate signs given by different psychics but there are some which are common and can be used universally in finding your soulmate. These common soulmate signs are:

  1. Similar Spiritual Foundation: the personal spiritual beliefs and practices of both the parties are same and there is no need to change them. They walk the same spiritual path before getting into the bond as well as after it has been established.
  2. ‘Your Other Half’: your spiritual soulmate is your other half in true sense. Both of them complement each other in such a manner that they feel completed and are regarded as two halves of the same person.
  3. Everlasting Passion: the connectivity between the two is so strong that even after many years spending together they never get bored and there is always the feelings of excitement, love and passion among them.
  4. Sense of Security: being with your spiritual soulmate develops sense of security. You would feel calm and yourself when you are around them.
  5. No Desire for Time Apart: since you are so deeply connected with each other, you will not agree to spend some time alone or stay distant from your other half. Being with them helps you to calm your nerves and be who you truly are. Your spiritual soulmate is your home and you can’t stay away from your home.

SignsSpiritual Guide:

Finding your soulmate is not an easy task, many people gets confused with their partner as their soulmate which in reality they are not. Just because you love someone and want to spend rest of the life with them does not mean they are your soulmates. There are many people out there who gets frustrated for not finding their soulmates. For them, professional service providers and spiritual guides are available which help them in identifying their soulmate.

First step in finding your soulmate is to discover your own self. Since many people have no idea who they really are, they face difficulty in finding their soulmates. Spiritual guide help such people to identify their inner selves and to know more about them. Discovering more about you helps to know what kind of person you are and what type of people are eligible for your soulmate.

These spiritual guides are available 24/7 via internet websites; through video chats, online chats, e-mails etc. Internet has made them easily accessible from any place and at any time. They are the path to discover yourself and your soulmate.

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